Working Papers
  1. Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan (with Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske, Anant Nyshadham and Richard Stanley) September 2016
  2. The Role of Information and Cash Transfers on Early Childhood Development: Evidence from Nepal (with Michael Levere and Gayatri Acharya) May 2016
  3. Health Endowments and Unemployment during Macroeconomic Crises (with Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth) June 2014 r&r Journal of Public Economics
  4. Perverse Consequences of Well Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India’s Child Labor Ban (with Leah Lakdawala & Nicholas Li) October 2013 Online Appendix  blog mentions in Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and Cato Institute
  1. Mental Health Stigma (with Mallesh Pai and Agne Suziedelyte) May 2015, Economics Letters, Vol 159, October 2017
  2. Birth Weight in the Long Run (with Petter Lundborg and Dan-Olof Rooth) September 2016 accepted Journal of Human Resources
  3. Health at Birth, Parental Investments and Academic Outcomes (with Juan Eberhard & Christopher Neilson) accepted Journal of Labor Economics
  4. The Gender Gap in Mathematics: Evidence from Middle and Low Income Countries (with Giacomo De Giorgi, David Hansen and Christopher Neilson)  Economic Development and Cultural Change, October 2016
  5. Early Life Exposure to the Great Smog of 1952 and the Development of Asthma (with Joshua Graff Zivin, Jamie Mullins and Matthew Neidell) American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, July 2016
  6. Gray Matters: Fetal Pollution Exposure and Human Capital Formation (with Matthew Gibson, Joshua Graff Zivin and Christopher Neilson) accepted Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
  7. Maternal Education and Child Mortality in Zimbabwe (with Karen Grepin) Journal of Health Economics, December 2015
  8. Fertility and Rural Labor Market Inefficiencies – Evidence from India   Journal of Development Economics, July 2015
  9. Effects of Short Term Measures to Curb Air Pollution: Evidence from Santiago, Chile (with Jamie Mullins)  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, July 2015
  10. Smoking Bans, Maternal Smoking and Birth Outcomes (with Julian Johnsen and Katrine Loken) Norwegian Press Coverage 1 & 2 Journal of Public Economics Vol 115, July 2014
  11. Impact of Changes in Marriage Law – Implications for Fertility and School Enrollment  Appendix Tables Journal of Human Resources, July 2015
  12. Do the Educated Know More About Health? Evidence from Schooling and HIV in Zimbabwe (with Jorge Aguero) Economic Development and Cultural Change, April 2014
  13. Early Life Health Interventions and Academic Achievement (with Katrine Loken and Christopher Neilson)  Online Appendix American Economic Review, August 2013
  14. Discrimination Begins in the Womb: Evidence of Sex Selective Prenatal Investments (with Leah Lakdawala)  Journal of Human Resources, Winter 2013 Online Appendix  Code  featured in Indian Express & other news outlets
  15. Changes in the Characteristics of American Youth – Implications for Adult Outcomes (with Joseph Altonji & Fabian Lange),  Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 30, No. 4, 2012
  16. Partition, Migration and Jute Cultivation in India (with James Fenske) Journal of Development Studies, 1-24. 2012 Data Code
  17. The Partition of India – Demographic Consequences (with Asim Khwaja & Atif Mian)    International Migration, August 2015
Other Publications  
  1. Early Childhood Health and Development in India: A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for the Future (with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Sam Krumholz) October 2016, forthcoming in India Policy Forum
  2. Secondary Education and HIV Infection in Botswana – Comment (with Karen Grepin) Lancet Global Health, published online June 28, 2015
  3. Crises and Human Biology (with Tom Vogl) forthcoming in Handbook of Economics and Human Biology
  4. The Partition and its Aftermath: Empirical Investigations (with Kevin Quirolo) in Economic History of Colonial India, (under contract at Routledge) eds. Thirthankar Roy, Bishnupriya Gupta, Anand Swamy and Latika Chaudhary, April 2014
  5. “Gender Discrimination in the Family” (with Gordon Dahl and Ketki Sheth), in Family Economics, ed. by Esther Redmount, ABC-Clio Publishers, 2015
  6. The Big March – Migratory Flows After the Partition of India (with Asim Khwaja & Atif Mian), Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 35 No. 43 Right click here and choose save or download for data used in the partition papers. The data will appear in .jpeg format. Delete the extension and replace with .zip. Then use any standard unarchive software. Grants from the South Asia Initiative at Harvard made this data collection possible.
 In progress:
  1. Coming of Age: Timing of Adolescence and Gender Identity Formation (with Julie Cullen)
  2. Atmospheric Air Pollution and Birth Outcomes (with Juan Eberhard)
  3. Displacement and Development: The Long Term Impacts of the Partition of India (with Rinchan Ali Mirza)